Energy Healing and Counselling
South London, UK

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About Us

We are an Energy healing and spiritual counselling service in South London, United Kingdom. And are registered and accredited with The Complementary Medical Association (CMA), The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and is an experienced Reiki and Theta healer®.


At Counselling Support Service we pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients receive the best there is in healing and talking therapies. It our greatest wish is to assist you on your path to healing and self-mastery.

We are trained in holistic healing and spiritual counselling. Trained in Person-Centred counselling, Psychodynamic counselling and Brief Psychodynamic Therapy.


Certified in complementary therapy practices such as Reiki, Theta healing®, Spiritual counselling, and Reflexology. We work with you as a complete person: Mind, Body, and Spirit.


This holistic form of spiritual counselling is designed to connect you with your own instinctive, inner wisdom. We help you heal past trauma, manage difficult emotional experiences; such toxic relationship patterns, Limiting beliefs, self-sabotage.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Is Energy healing right for me?
Are you always attracting the same negative relationships.?
Are you constantly feeling low?
Would you like to learn how to attract the right relationship for you?
Want to rid yourself of negative patterns that hold you back?
Start being successful in acheiving and meeting your goals?
Are you subconsciously holding on to feelings of rejection, regrets & resentment?
Regrets can sometimes help us make better choices in the present, but can also prevent you from living in the present!
If So, we can support you navigate your life in more conscious and insightful way. 
Qualified Pratices
● Spiritual counselling (accredited by the CMA)
● Theta® Healing 
● Reiki (Usui), Sekhem Reiki and Angelic Reiki
● Reflexology and Mindful Reflexology
● Theta® Healing Basic & Advanced Instructor
● Theta® Healing Basic & Advanced Practitioner
● Theta® Healing Manifesting and Abundance Practitioner
● Theta® Healing Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner
● Theta® Healing Rainbow Children Practitioner
● Theta® Healing World Relations Practitioner
● Theta® Healing DNA 3 Practitioner
● Theta® Healing Game of Life Practitioner
● Theta® Healing Soul Mates Practitioner
● BSc (Hons) Applied Social Science (London Metropolitan University)
● Level 3 City & Guilds Diploma, Reflexology & Anatomy and Physiology
● Personal Life Coaching (OCR)
● Level 1 & 2 Sekhem Reiki healing
● Level 1, 2 & 3 Reiki healing
● Level 1 & 2 Angelic Reiki healing
● Bio-Energy healing
● Healing Lives Achieving Dreams: Workshop Leader Certification
● Louise Hay 2003 Certificate
● NLP 2004
● PSYCH-K Advanced Practitioner
● Certificate in Psychic Readings


Our practice is fully insured by Balins. 

Together, we support you in reaching a deeper understanding of your needs. 

Nobody else can decide your goals for you. We will help you to achieve whatever those goals are - whether personal, professional, spiritual or psychological.

While some sessions might seem a little challenging, they will ultimately help you to be at peace with yourself.

Whether it be on-Line or in-person we offer you Energy healing and talking therapies and a safe, nurturing environment where you can explore the challenges you face - and emerge as a stronger person.