Holistic Approach to your Health: Reiki Healing 

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As part of our holistic approach to health and counselling, we offer Reiki in Herne Hill for help with a range of problems both emotional and physical. Reiki can be used simply to help you relax and strengthen your general wellbeing, and it can also be used to address pain, anxiety, and even the side effects of some medications. 

The Basics: What is Reiki? 

If you aren’t sure what reiki is, it’s a very simple concept. Originating in Japan, reiki is a form of energy healing which uses palm healing to transfer energy from practitioner to patient. Through this channelling of energy, you can refresh your body and mind to help relieve yourself of a variety of ills and symptoms. 

Areas Reiki Can Address 

As an experienced counsellor and practitioner of reiki, I have been using energy healing to address people’s health concerns for a long time. Reiki can help to lessen the debilitating effects of chronic pain, generalised anxiety, and help you to reduce fatigue. I take a very individualised and personal approach to my counselling, and so I can help you decide if reiki is right for you. Get in touch to learn about reiki healing in London. 

Taking Back Control 

Reiki healing often works best as a central part of a holistic approach to your overall state of mind. Energy healing is about refreshing and rebalancing your inner and outer health, and ultimately helping you to deal with what life throws at you and play an active role in your own wellbeing.

 Get in Touch Today 

Reiki could give you the final boost that you need to get over many of life's difficulties, so get in touch today in Herne Hill to discuss it with me or book an appointment for a reiki session. Don’t let fatigue or anxiety get in the way of you living your fullest life.