Energy Healing and Counselling
South London, UK

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Spiritual Counselling

How Can Spiritual Counselling Help Me?

Spiritual counselling is a holistic, intuitive and spiritual approach to counselling rather than a purely psychological one.

It brings a deep understanding at the Soul level. It is a way to combine healing techniques with talking, listening and therapeutic interventions.

This therapeutic approach integrates the psychological approach and holistic energy techniques, enriching the traditional talking therapies by including an energetic and spiritual perspective.

Spiritual counselling allows the therapist and client to address the needs of the body, mind, heart and spirit.



This form of holistic therapy works with the whole being and is designed to connect each person with their own inner knowing and the wisdom of their soul.


This form of counselling enables someone to heal their everyday issues and to reconnect with their true self. 




Spiritual Counselling creates a safe space in which you will experience unconditional acceptance whilst being able to fully express your emotions.


In your first session with the therapist you’ll have the chance to discuss your spiritual counselling goals, or the need for energy healing. You’ll discuss how often you want to have sessions, and decide exactly what you want to achieve together. Although this may evolve over time to new narrative.


An explanation will be given of the terms of confidentiality for your sessions. Please disclose any medical conditions or special requirements during this first session.